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Inspired Title Group, Inc. is entering the Illinois & Northwest Indiana market to bring a fresh set of eyes, new excitement, unmatched service & trouble-free  satisfaction to all real estate agents, lenders, attorneys & our title and escrow customers. 


Every Closing we give our clients an opportunity to make a difference-

Whether we are conducting a Purchase Transaction or a Refinance, we will give a portion of what is made and give that back to our current quarterly charity. 

Inspired Title then donates a portion of OUR proceeds to the charity.

Current Give back

Why Is
Title Insurance Important

Inspired Title Group, Inc. has the ability to instantly respond to customer needs by implementing new programs and services to provide our clients with the most current info and resources available to the title and escrow industry.


What title insurance does is provide peace of mind that the property has no outstanding claims on it. It lets Buyers, Borrowers or Lenders know that they are the first lien on the property and title insurance provides that clear record of ownership.


We work to protect your property rights and ensure you buy or sell your home with confidence. In doing so, Inspired Title Group acts as your title insurance agent for your real estate transaction.


We will examine and verify all legal documents in our public records search. It's a complex process, but it's important because it ensures the title can be legally transferred between the prior owner and the new owner.


After we've search the records and verified the owner's right to sell the property we will issue a commitment to providing you with title insurance, this will giving all parties peace of mind as you enter into the exciting phase of buying or selling your home.

Then We’ll Help Close The Transaction!

“At Inspired Title Group, Inc. we’re different! We possess over 30 years of experience and the capability to manage over 400 transactions per year. We’re coming to your neighborhood to give you the the experienced, first-class service you deserve! ”

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