Established in 2019

An opportunity arose to open a new company in a growing community. Inspired Title having a vision to “Give Back” noticed clients were looking for a high level of service that they could not then find. We explored the opportunity and our current CEO, a former Title Company EVP from the late 90’s decided in 2018, to leave the prior company and open an independent local title agency in Chicago’s South Suburbs with a vision

  • That vision was to build a company so stellar in service, so high in integrity, and so trustworthy that when you had a choice of a title and closing company there would simply be no other choice.
  • Each year we raise the bar for ourselves to always exceed the expectations of our clients. Inspired Title Group is a locally owned and operated independent title insurance agent that will go over and above for our clients.
  • Real estate is a complex commodity. Owning real estate is one of our precious freedoms. There are more rights and laws that govern real estate than any other item of value. Therefore, we take what we do seriously. We celebrate each transaction. We probe and ask questions.
  • We care personally about each transaction and maintain high integrity. We nurture teamwork so the customer is always helped. We are independent and professional.
  • We continue to listen intently to our clients; this has driven the layout of our products, the design and presentation of our offices, the level of personal attention given, and the expert knowledge level of our staff members. We imagined a place where we were absolutely committed to others’ success, a place where we held each other accountable for doing what we say we are going to do, a place where we supported each other through selfless teamwork, and where we were committed to a fulfilling balance between life and work.
  • We imagined a place that would foster bold, ethical leaders creating an environment which bolsters a team focus of going above and beyond for our clients, a place of trust, respect and integrity through great communication, a place that values growth and giving, a place that our clients, when given the choice of a title or escrow company, would enthusiastically choose us because of this story.

Our purpose statement


Andrew Wischhover

President & Owner


Andrew (Dru) Wischhover is an entrepreneur, published Author and Founder of Inspired Title Group. Dru has been a licensed Title Insurance Officer with over 20 years of experience and recently credited with the expansion of the businesses into the Indiana market. Dru continues Inspired Title’s tradition by leading and mentoring his team to show the clients “The Inspired Way!” How? By going above and beyond for the client, community, and the team! Wischhover is passionate about the success of Inspired Title Group to continue the efforts of volunteering and giving back to the community. Never about him, rather it’s genuinely caring – and building a team that cares – about the buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders and their journey during the home buying and selling process. It’s continuously thinking about how he would want the closing process handled if on the other side of the transaction. It’s incessantly searching for and finding ways to improve. It’s striving to become better today than yesterday. And it’s providing his team the resources and guidance today, to become better tomorrow.

Aimee Maley

Director of Operations


Aimee Maley began working in the title industry in January 2016. With a degree in History, Title Searching and Examining quickly became her favorite part of the job. As title examiner, Aimee determines the legal condition of property title through thorough examination of public record, mortgages and liens to then be summarized in document affecting the subject property.

​She continues to act as a legal support professional assisting clients with many duties, including researching real estate records and examining property titles. She oversees all the operations of the title company which includes supervision of 5 title professionals in proper preparations, processing and closing of all files.

Chris Wischhover

Director of Business Development

& Sales/ Closer

Chris Wischhover jumped into the title industry full-time in 2021. Before he began his career at Inspired Title, Chris worked in the food and beverage industry for 18 years, overseeing operations in large venues throughout Chicagoland and leading large teams of employees.

With his continued growth at Inspired Title, Chris is developing both his role as a closer in Illinois and Indiana,  as well as maintaining strong relationships to promote sales and business growth. His process-driven mentality and strong communication attributes allow him to instill faith in lenders, brokers and home buyers alike, that provides a sense of comfort throughout the closing process, always feeling that they are in good hands.

John Kunkel

Senior Closer

John Kunkel has seven years experience in the real estate title industry. Prior to that, he spent 16 years in property and auto insurance.

At Inspired Title, John has many responsibilities: conducts residential and commercial closings on purchases and refinances, processes construction escrow holdbacks and disbursements, interacts with parties to facilitate the gathering and execution of closing documents and loan packages, delivers executed closing documents to relevant parties at conclusion of closings, following lender and underwriting guidelines, disburses funds upon funding approval, and prepares documents for recording prior to issuance of final title policies.

Miguel Ellis

Senior Closer

Miguel Ellis has been a Senior Closer and Sales Manager for the last 7 years, with great success in both regular and complex closings. He handles closing of both residential and commercial properties, construction escrow and short sale closings — using his background in the Mortgage Industry.

Before Miguel began working in the title industry, he was a Mortgage Broker for 10 years, working with processing loans, loan servicing and underwriting. This job gave Miguel the ability to understand and provide solutions to the variety of real estate closings that he deals with on a daily basis.

Miguel is also fluent in Spanish.